Thursday, April 19, 2007

Me llamo don, vivo en caracas

just a quick note. for anyone wondering, i made it, am safe, and trying to find an apartment. caracas is, even before being the revolutionary capital of the world, the world capital of not the best place to be in search of an apartment.

already, after two days, i have been able to do a fair amount of exploring the barrios, the misiones, and the now-forming consejos comunales...perhaps if all else fails i can live in the ranchos.

beets, however, are just about the cheapest vegetable one can find. so that's a good thing.

i'll type much much more and post some photos once i get a more dependable internet connection.


Cristina said...

Well, I hope you find a big apartment because I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors, especially during the Copa América :)

Can't wait to see pics and hear more.

amanda said...

yeah, about that... expect an email. certain someones (me + jason) are planning to travel to Venez soon and would be delighted to crash your party. (and possibly drag you to Meridas given the opportunity..)

so, best of luck with the apt hunt!

and beets are gross.

kim said...

Sounds like a soccer party chez don! Don, are you going to look within gringolandia or are you going to branch out of the "safe zone?" Do they have wireless options in other areas of the city?

Is the French guy still a roomie option? I vote for that French guy!

Mmmm... beets.


I'm glad to hear you can be healthy and still poo red in South America.

simone said...

I hope you find a place soon...if all else fails just hop a boat and come to Trini...ha ha


simone said...

Hope you find an apartment soon. If all else fails just hop a boat and come to Trini...ha,ha.