Sunday, April 29, 2007

Call it Jimmy Carter-itis

What is it with former US (vice) presidents making about-faces after they leave office?
Carter was instrumental in legitimating Israeli land grabs and aggression against Palestinians, then he wrote ‘Peace not Apartheid’…he increased military aid to Indonesia when they were using too many bullets against the people of East Timor and ran out, and yet today he is one of the world’s most recognized protagonists of ‘human rights.’
And then there’s Al Gore.
Las Ultimas Noticias of Caracas reported last week that aside from the whole ‘Inconvenient Truth’ thing, Gore is trying to make up for some of his foreign policy errors by thumbing his nose at Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. Gore has cancelled an upcoming meeting with Uribe, who is currently awash in scandals tying his government to right wing paramilitary groups. You’ll recall of course the 2000 Presidential election in the US, where Al Gore, a.k.a. Captain Planet, was criticized for his financial interests in Occidental Petroleum, a company infamous for sicking its death squads on the U'wa people who lived on the rainforest it was trying to turn into oilfields – in Colombia.

What's next? A Cheney-making-amends visit to Venezuela in 2009?


Cristina said...

Now that I'd like to see...Cheney in Venezuela. Unless he has that fifth heart attack first (not that I would pray for that or anything).


Cheney in 2009? I dunno about that. Dude Cheney is old, and fragile.