Tuesday, January 6, 2009

(translation) Venezuela to initiate a humanitarian airlift to Gaza

Telesur, 6 January 2009 -- Venezuela announced the beginning of humanitarian airlifts this Tuesday to help civilians affected by Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip which has resulted in more than 600 Palestinian casualties.

In a communiqué, a Venezuelan spokesperson said, “the government has decided to initiate a humanitarian airlift together with the Arab and Muslim community, as well as with other Latin American countries, to provide medicine, food, water, milk and other necessities [to the Palestinian people].”

According to the notice, the [Venezuelan] state will establish contacts with various global humanitarian organizations as well as with governments in the Middle East and the Palestinian people in order to deal with the current crisis.

Caracas also condemned Tel Aviv’s aggression that has already caused the deaths of more than 600 Palestinians and exhorted the United Nations to adopt resolutions which might aid the Palestinian people.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez said on Tuesday that it was necessary to establish a humanitarian airlift to Gaza because “the Israelis have blocked the Red Cross and other humanitarian aid. This is barbarism.”

In a speech to the media, Chávez said that the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, should be chargd by the International Criminal Court together with outgoing US president George Bush, “if this world has any sense of shame.”

“The world needs to call on Israel to take care of the children, to respect international laws. From my own modest voice I am asking, how much longer must the children of Palestine suffer?”

Chávez added that the Israeli soldiers, “are cowards, bombing a people as they sleep, exhausted, innocent, vulnerable.”

He also called on the Israeli people to mobilize against its government, “to put their hands on their hearts and put an end to this madness.”

At the same time, he expressed his hope that the Jewish community in Venezuela would speak out against the massacre of the Palestinian people.

“You who forcefully reject every act of persecution, should, you are justified. We have hope in our hearts for the children because the children are the heart of the world.”


Brazil also announced today that they will send 14 tons of food and other humanitarian aid to Palestine this Friday.
Way to lead by example guys.

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