Friday, January 30, 2009

2 Auto workers killed by state police as workers demand nationalization

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 29th, two workers of an occupied factory in Anzoateguí state were killed by state police acting on the orders of a local judge. Pedro Suarez, a worker in the occupied Mitsubishi factory (MMC) and José Marcano, a worker in the auto parts company Macusa were among the hundreds of workers occupying the Mitsubishi since January 22nd.

The conflict arouse with the company fired 135 contract workers of the Induservis firm. In a mass assembly, Mitsubishi workers voted 863 in favor, 21 against and 4 abstentions to occupy the factory to demand the return of fired workers, linking their collective demands with those of VIVEX, Franelas Gotcha, INAF and ACERVEN, who have been pressuring for the nationalization under worker control of their respective employers.

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“The brutal attack by the Anzoategui police was the result of a judge’s order to vacate the premises. The workers refused, at which point the police opened fire with live ammunition, killing two workers and leaving others wounded. The situation lasted until the National Guard arrived to halt the police’s attack against the workers. The workers remain inside the factory, but the judge insists on the execution of the eviction order, resulting in a very tense situation.
“The governor of Anzoategui is Tarek William Saab, a ‘Bolivarian.’ This brutal action of the judge and the police is totally unjustified. Last year, the Anzoategui state police were involved in attacks against petrol workers fighting for collective bargaining rights…the police keep behaving in a pre-revolutionary manner. The governor and the national government of President Chávez need to immediately open an investigation to put this situation to a stop and bring those responsible for this brutal murder to justice.
“The immense majority of the Mitsubishi workers are Bolivarians and many have been working actively on the campaign in favor of the constitutional referendum this February 15. They have already received the support for their actions from the workers’ movement of Anzoategui, and have received delegations of workers from Toyota and Ford, whose unions are discussing a possible occupation of their factories in solidarity with the workers at MMC and VIVEX.

“We are making an urgent call to all worker activists, youth, revolutionaries and of the international solidarity movement to:

- send a message of support and condolence to the workers through Freteco:, and to the Sindicato Nueva Generación, MMC:

- send messages to the governor of Anzoategui demanding an immediate end to workers and eviction threats against the workers and that those responsible for these murders be brought to justice:,,,,

- send messages to the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, embassies and consulates, asking for an end to the violence against workers at MMC, the arrest of those responsible, the nationalization of Vivex and a resolution to the demands of MMC workers:, and

have since last year already had a role in attacks anti-petrol worker attacks as

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