Wednesday, November 19, 2008

(translation) ‘Plan República” Will Guarantee Security and Order during the Elections

Major General Jesús González González informed the program “The Window” on Friday that all the details have been tied together in order to guarantee order and the respect of the law during elections on the 23 of November. More than 140,000 security personal will be under the orders of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB, in Spanish) in order to respond to any eventuality.

Prensa Web YVKE, Friday 14 November, 2008 – On the program “La Ventana” on YVKE Mundial Randolph Borges and Enza Garía had Major General Jesús González González on as a guest, who spoke about the Plan República, in which the FANB will be stationed at all election sites to guarantee security and order during and after the elections.

“Whoever would like to promote disorder is going to meet the firm conviction of the FANB,” assured Major General González González. “We have 140,000 officers committed to security, and in each jurisdiction we have a reserve of officers ready in their barracks.”

Major General González González explained that “all security bodies on that day will stay in the barracks awaiting orders.” This includes not only the police, but also the investigative police corps, firefighters, intelligence officers, civil protection and other security bodies, that are grouped under the name “unified command.”

“The idea has been circulating that the police are going to stay at home, and that isn’t true. The police are going to stay from the first hour [of voting] in the barracks under order of their commanding officer. It will be him that will have control over security in the jurisdiction on election day.”

González González also said that on Thursday [14 November] there was a meeting at Strategic Operational Command with 27 barracks chiefs and the 5 commanders of strategic regional integral defense. “We made final revisions to the plan which we have been working on since August for the elections of 23 November and we tied together all that we had to for the upcoming electoral process.”

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