Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Intrigue at the Copa?

For those of you who missed the first two matches of the Copa América last night, Perú upset Uruguay 3-0 and Venezuela tied Bolivia 2-2.

How did they tie? COSPIRACY, I TELL YOU!!!!

First theory, Chávez said at the outset of the match, flanked by Evo Morales and Diego Maradona "Everyone is going to win, this is the people's cup" -- Obvious sign of a fix-to-come on the part of the tyrant in his tireless and satanic attempt to make us all the same.

Second theory (part one, linked to theory one) The magic transformation of a painfully obvious injury-time penalty in Bolivia's area (which should have given 'la Vinotino' a PK and a final chance to win it) into a goal kick could only be the work of the dictator's mandate.

Second theory (part two, unrelated), The referee is in the pay of the CIA. That is the only way to explain the call.

My students today told me that the ref must have forgotten where he was. San Cristobal, Táchira state (where the game was held) once witnessed an angry mob of fans set Caracas FC's bus on fire after a match that didn't go their way....
...the fact that he got away only reinforces the fact that he was in SOMEONE'S pocket...

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Cristina said...

I agree--it's obviously a fix. But what about Guaky's role in all of this? Surely Guaky is behind it somehow.