Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adventures in Gringolandia...

I'm back in the US after 10 days of Trini monsoons and plenty of soccer with my godson.

St. Louis, from where I am writing this, is a cold, windy hell of a place that makes me think maybe the invites for xmas in Venezuela weren't such a bad idea (nothing like the midwestern banshee whissssshhhhh of wind against a drafting hotel window to make you want to strip off your clothes and start chanting USA! USA! USA!).

...and i leave for Duluth in a few days, that oughtta be a whole hell of a lot better!

coming soon:

- polished-ish entries on enmity and Venezuela, the regional autonomy movement in Zulia, Venezuela, and analysis of the upcoming constitutional reform on presidential reelection.
- I also hope to broaden the scope of this blog a bit, as i'm no longer in Venezuela. I'll continue to write on the Bolivarian Revolution, but want to weigh in on other 'pressing and asinine' issues of the day, since, heh, this is a blog, right?

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