Tuesday, October 2, 2007

and i'm off...

...seeing as how i'm a no good,shiftless, unemployed freeloader layabout, i'm going to take a va-cay.
i'll be back from trinidad in a week to ten days, hopefully with my position on the 2010 world cup team cemented and some dish on what Venezuela's neighbors think about the BoRev.
(okay, birchill i'm not, but if that cracker can make the TT team, who's to say i can't?)


Cristina said...

Look, we saw TT, and Birchall was fine. He's no Stern John (he of the two first names), but then not everyone can play for Columbus Crew!

Cristina said...

In case you haven't figured out, that previous comment was from an imposter! Not that it's a bad comment, but I think I'm going to have to talk to Tom about the very serious topic of identity theft.

The Real Cristina

--d said...

yeah...stern john is one of my faves (i might just be wearing a TT jersey of his at this very moment) and tom is a bastard, and birchill is just fine, but, then again, after a week in the TT heat, fuck if i am going to even try out for their bloody team.